Mining Pool (BETA)

A Mining Pool for Bitcoin Miner Users

Payout Information

  1. Payouts are issued automatically every week to accounts with at least 5000 Satoshis.
  2. If an account doesn't have at least 5000 Satoshis during a payout, the balance carries forward (you don't lose it)

**2021/01/17 - At the moment we are not accepting new miners until we can release the next version of Bitcoin Miner. Existing users can continue mining and we will post an update when we are ready to accept new miners.

**2021/01/01 - The Bitcoin peer-to-peer network is currently under heavy transaction load which is delaying payout confirmation. User earnings are not affected as payouts are automatically reissued in the event a transaction does not confirm within one week.

*2020/06/02 - Microsoft has shut down their ad network, preventing Bitcoin Miner from operating in most regions.

We are working on finishing an Android app ASAP so users will be able to re-activate their miners.

We are also lowering the next payout minimum to the smallest amount allowed by the Bitcoin protocol so existing balances get paid out sooner.

Finally, we are working on a new Bitcoin Miner that doesn't require the Microsoft Store and will be available here when it is ready.

Thank you to everyone for your support as we continue our engineering work. We apologize for the downtime!

*2020/02/03 - Microsoft is shutting down their ad network, so yields will start to decrease as ad revenue is used to support the cloud miners. Some users will be unable to mine as Microsoft reduces ad service to their region.

We are working on a new Bitcoin Miner that doesn't require the Microsoft Store and will be available on this website in the near future. We appreciate your patience as our company works through these unexpected developments.

*2019/10/29 - Major changes have been made to Bitcoin Miner to comply with Microsoft's restriction on on-device mining.

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