Bitcoin Miner 1.59.*

Major Changes

On October 1st, 2019, Microsoft updated the Store Policies to prohibit on-device mining. In order to continue offering Bitcoin Miner, we've had to replace on-device mining with cloud mining.

What's new

  1. We've added a free cloud miner (ad-supported) to Bitcoin Miner
  2. Cloud mining should earn around the same as the old Power Saving mode
  3. Less energy should be used since mining is now done outside the Bitcoin Miner

Most earnings should be unchanged or even improve due to the reduction in power use. We are working hard on the next Bitcoin Miner and appreciate your support.

What's next

We plan to offer a separate add-on which will re-enable on-device mining. When it is available, on-device mining will be available for download here.

Bitcoin Miner "Ads not visible" Error

Cloud mining is provided free of charge under the condition that ads remain visible. To ensure cloud mining is uninterrupted, make sure:

  1. Bitcoin Miner is visible and ads are not being blocked
  2. Bitcoin Miner is in the forground or receives input every 10 minutes
  3. Bitcoin Miner is not being run in a virtual machine